If you’re reading this it means you’ve stumbled on my gaming blog and you are so unfortunate that you don’t understand Norwegian. I sympathize! That’s why I made this page for you.

The title of the blog means «There’s an orc in the well!» and stems from my D&D 3.5 campaign, and our GM trying to come up with plots. He considered having our group come across an orc in a well, but then got stuck on the why and how of it: why was it there? How did it get there? Who put it there? The intricacies of the conspiracy behind the orc in the well (one of the theories: he was put there by Bane) grew to such an extent that our GM felt foolish, because really… would we have cared? Couldn’t the orc just have fallen down? That’s when he realized that all his plots could do with a bit less intricacy.

I’m a Norwegian game designer and role-player. I like playing computer and console games and boardgames as well, but I primarily play, playtest, and design tabletop/pen-and-paper games. In this blog I write about my endeavours in gaming. Sometimes I’ll publish some stuff on the page – for instance I’ve published a game that you can download for free. It’s called In My Shadow and its’ about suicide. Not very tempting? That’s alright. I’m only slightly offended. There should also be a deck plan for a Star Wars spaceship there. Stuff like that. Also, I’m a woman. If that blindsided you, you should think about that for a bit.

Now, I’m not going to translate all of my posts into English because I really can’t be bothered. But you can run it through a translation program and if you still don’t get the gist of it, you can email me and ask for a summary in English. I probably won’t respond very quickly, but that’s because I have a demanding job on the side (read: I do something else for a living). If there’s something in it for me, I’ll be somewhat faster getting back to you. 😉

All the best, and if you need anything, email me at orcinthewell (cinnamon bun) gmail (peppercorn) com

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